About Me

     Brandi Moyler, a natural born seer, grew up in a small town in NC. As a small child, she was gifted to "see" things before they took place. At 5 years old, she saw that her mother would die. At such a young age, she was not able to process or verbalize what she saw and with the power of mind, was able to close the door on these abilities. Nine years later, she watch as her mother was murdered by her father. He then turned to gun to her and she was shot in the face. To read her Marie Claire interview (chapter 9), click here.

    Brandi is no stranger to trauma and abuse and battled with the side effects for years thereafter. In her early twenties as she found herself not well and in a very dark place, she began to turn inward for self healing. She was spiritually shown how to heal herself and others energetically during this phenomena period and thus, discovered her calling in life. 

     Brandi has a deep passion to aid those suffering as she is an empathic and has a keen ability to tune  into other's thoughts and emotions. Through this, she has helped bring clarity and peace of mind to many through the art of understanding and self awareness. She believes in the power of intent, thought, and positive affirmation and has an honest and compassionate yet practical approach. 

     Outside her healing practice and being a wife and mother of two, Brandi also is a musician, photographer, and make-up artist. She enjoys working out and is passionate about fitness as it is part of overall health and wellness. She had followed a plant based lifestyle many years and enjoys helping and encouraging others in their path.