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Questions and Answers

Energy Healing 


Q: What is energy healing and is it safe?

 A:    The term energy healing is quite broad as it encompasses many different modalities from Vajra, Reiki, EFT, to Quantum Touch. These practices are very basic and ancient and deal with subtle bodies and meridians which theoretically, affect the physical body. It is my belief that there is no separation of the spirit, physical, mental, and emotional body as they work in sync to complete one another. As one's thoughts can affect their emotions, an unbalanced spiritual body can affect the physical body. Though we cannot tangibly see these energetic

influences, we most certainly can feel them. Energy no matter how you want to look at it is REAL. After all, we're all just giant balls of it; and much much more! As a energy healer, I work within and outside the chakra system. For more information on the chakra system, click here. The word "chakra" is a Sanskrit word meaning "energy vortex." Generally, there are 7 basic energy points in the body that most energy healers will work with. Each point addresses a specific area and aspect of ourselves and when these points become clogged, broken, dim, or completely out, we experience physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual malaise. Energy healing is very safe as it is an ancient art and does not include any tools or aids. In my practice, there are no tied religious practices as it is a science of mind, body, and spirit. 

Q: What exactly is a Vajra Master?

A:     Vajra(dorje in Tibetan Buddhism) is a sanskrit word meaning lightning or thunderbolt. This type of healing is an art from the primitive sect of the Tibetan BonPo. In this practice, the term vajra is used in regards to the element of  lightning and the voltage of the frequencies being used. Whereas the more well known art of Reiki works from root to crown, the Vajra Master works from third-eye up. 

Q: Are there any noted side effects from energy healing?

A: There are noted side effects from energy healing. 

Q: What does an energy session entail?

A:      I am a crystal alchemist however I do not align stones on the body. Any stones used are generally held above the body and used in a sweeping motion. Most sessions will being with a therapeutic aromatic oil blend diffused and applied to the individuals hands or forehead. This is to simply set the tone for deep relaxation. My hands are then placed either on the head or above the body. While every session is different, I will often count down as many sessions are intertwined with light hypnosis. Sessions are generally 60 minutes in it's entirety as there will be time to discuss your experience afterward. 

Q: What can I expect to feel during a session and post session?

A:     Mostly, you feel a deep sense of relief and relaxation. At times you many feel sensations running throughout the body that my be in the form of heat, tingles, vibrations, or pulsations. These are all completely safe and normal. Afterwards, you  may continue to feel relaxed or you may feel energized, grounded, light, and clear. 

Crystal Formulas


Q: What are crystal formulas? 

A:     My crystal formulas are made directly from natural crystal and gemstones yet do not contain any mineral content whatsoever. These products are sheerly metaphysical and are uniquely imbued with the powerful vibrational patterns of each individual stone.

  Q: How do crystal formulas work?

A:     First of, let's discuss how crystals work. After all, they are just rocks, right? Well here goes. A crystal in itself is just a rock or mineral perse. However, they do have stabilized vibrational patterns whereas and we as humans do not. We're constantly shifting and changing as we're over 50% water! This is where it gets interesting. When you become sad or depressed, your vibrational pattern changes and no one has to be intuitive to know that. We can literally "feel" a person's energy change whether they say anything or not. Your light dims and the hertz in which you vibrate slows down. Your physical body then starts to respond. And the truth is, sometimes we just get stuck there and it's hard to climb out. So many people just low and don't even know why. Let's take a basic crystal like clear quartz for example. It has a nice medium vibrational tone. It's resonating higher than depressed you. It's stable. You can crack it, crush it, or break it but the chemistry doesn't change. Holding that crystal for a while can help lift and stabilize that low vibe you're resonating at and give you a little positive reinforcement. Over time, your energetic self learns. It's just like muscle memory. It becomes accustomed to that higher vibration. Let's equate it to being in a positive, uplifting 

environment everyday or wearing a cast on a broken limb until it's healed. What's really cool is that each individual crystal has it's own unique chemistry and resonance frequency and will affect each and every individual differently. The crystal formulas work exactly like the crystals; just in a more direct targeted way. Which leads to the next question.  

Q: How do you use crystal formulas?

A:     At the moment, I have three different applications available. Here's a brief rundown of them and their most beneficial uses.


1. Elixirs

The elixirs are most popular of all the formulas as it is the most direct way the energy can be used. The elixirs are designed to be taken orally as you would a tincture with either a few drops under the tongue or added directly to water. They can also be added to a bath or diffuser.


2. Oils

The crystal oils are constructed with pure food grade essential oils and work on a dual level both aromatically and energetically. The essences are carefully chosen to resonate in sync with the EOs and are for topical use only. These formulas are great for wearing, blessing, dressing, prayer, and meditation. However they are not formulated for diffusers and more than likely will not scent your space.


3. Misters

The misters are lightly fragranced with essential oils and crystal essence. They are most useful for space clearing and modifying energy in a room. You may also mist yourself or your things(pillows, etc) with them as it's all energy focused. I find this simple application also works well for small children.  


Q: What exactly is crystal alchemy?

In my craft, crystal alchemy is simply the art of blending various  crystal frequencies together to create a new one. In an appointment, once I've created a blend, I then proceed tweak and adjust it to adapt to the client and the focused area. 

Q: How do you know what crystals and/or frequencies to use?

I have a natural ability to see chakra systems and feel imbalances in the energetic body. This is called an intuitive energy scan and I do not use tools. I then choose crystal essences based upon this scan.


Q: What is a crystal essence?

A crystal essence is the energy of a crystal programmed into a compound such as water.   


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