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Energy Healing 

This service is for those in need of an energetic alignment whether it be chakra balancing, stress and anxiety, pain, or getting to root cause of an issue whether it be on an emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual level. To visit frequently asked questions in regards to this service, click here.

Crystal Formula Appointment 

This appointment is for the individual who is interested in a custom crystal remedy. During this appointment, you will have an opportunity to discuss your energetic focuses, receive insight(I see and feel imbalances in the body), and have a formula constructed just for you right on the spot. To visit crystal formula Q's & A's, click here.

Personal Guided Meditation

This type appointment is quite broad as each individual is different. All appointments begin with a little insight and discussion about the individual's focus. We will go through different meditations and mantras to use for opening up the chakras. This appointment has a heavy teaching focus as it is intended to provide the individual with a skill to take with them. Prayer and meditation is not a single event, but something one should make a habit of practicing on a daily basis. Appointments may include the incorporation of crystals and/or crystal oils, aromatherapy, and sound healing to assist in journeying and accessing one's inner self.

Spiritual Consulting

I first must start by saying I am not a psychic or medium and I do not use tools nor fortell the future. I am an intuitive seer and empath and I see by feeling vibrations and frequencies coming off people, situations, and objects. I also possess the ability to tune into emotions and thoughts and can assist in helping one see things on a larger scale. 

Spiritual Awareness and Sensitivity Training

This service is for the individual who would like develop their abilities and become more energetic sensitive and spiritual aware. Exercises focus on opening the third eye, Christ conscious frequencies, self healing, intent, and much much more. This session is geared toward the individual on a personal level and may vary depending upon the person's current level or interests. Please contact directly in regards to this service.


Astrology (Birth Charts and Interpretation)

This service is for the individual that would like to know more about themselves, friends, or family through astrology. In order to partake of this service, you must know birth times as this is an essential piece of information. This information must be provided when you book your appointment so that your chart(s) can be prepared, printed, and laminated prior to your visit. Once you receive your chart, it will be interpreted for you. It is a wonderful keepsake for scrapbooking as you'll always have something to refer back to. 


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